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With national and corporate support, our physician owned Endovascular Center is conveniently located in the greater Portland, OR, area.



Passionate, Caring And Precise In Our Approach To Your Healthcare

Employing the most advanced medical care available, our mission is to care for our patients with compassion, safekeeping and skill - delivering a most exceptional experience.

Arterial Care

Our team employs the latest interventional radiology techniques to address your arterial conditions.

Vein Care

Our advanced vein care treatments are directed at improving your quality of life.

Cancer Care

Our facility offers minimally invasive treatments for the management of cancer.

Women's Health

Treating issues of the female organs at any age like fibroids, pelvic congestion and cancer.

Fibroid Treatment

Our highly-skilled team provides a range of exceptional fibroids care and treatments.

Men's Health

Treating conditions that commonly affect men, like varicoceles and prostate artery embolization.

Spine Care

Offering a range of treatment options for people with spine conditions.

Peripheral Arterial Disease

At CiC Portland, our dedicated team of top cardiovascular specialists includes experts in arterial d...


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General Population Awareness of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)



Percentage of Men and Women Who Will Be Diagnosed with Cancer At Some Point During Their Lifetimes



Percent of Women Will Have Uterine Fibroids by Age 50



Men And Women Who Will Suffer From Some Kind Of Vein Problem During Their Lifetime

Real People, Real Results


Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)


"The best thing about this procedure is that I've avoided a hysterectomy.  I'm very grateful."


Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)


"For those facing fibroids, I highly recommend looking into the option of a UFE.  It was by far so much better and easier.  I was beyond thrilled and can’t say enough about the service I received."  


Fibroid Treatment


Dr. Costantino and Jennifer Harlan discussing the challenges of Fibroids and the success of the Fibroid treatment using radial access for UFE.

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